A Learning Path
Tailored for You

Real-time Monitoring and Personalized Learning Content with AI

Saves Time

Generate questions according to the practice status and weaknesses of students, saving time for teachers to make propositions, spending the least time and effort to achieve adaptive teaching.

Enjoy the Process

Tera Thinker is a question bank that understands the needs of students better than themselves, eliminating the unnecessary practices, and finding the joy and the sense of accomplishment in learning.

Peace of Mind

Tera Thinker offers real-time and comprehensive learning analysis to help parents gain deeper insights into their child’s learning progress and easily track their strengths and weaknesses.

Customized Learning

Stay on top of the level of student’s understanding of knowledge, generating a question bank specialized for you/ generating your tailored question bank, just like a tutor specially for you.

Precise Tackle on Blind Spots

Digitalized, customized learning is the trend of the education environment worldwide. Tera Thinker has the background of education research and AI technology, we are the best solution to preparing for the future education, release the burden of teachers and parents, and benefit the students.

Deep Knowledge Tracing

Utilizing a deep learning knowledge tracking model to accurately quantify students’ comprehension levels and dynamically update in real-time.

Prediction of Future Weaknesses

Integrating big data and knowledge graphs, offering customized reinforcements for weaknesses and possible blind spots in advance.

Cross-Subject Integration

Adapting to learning methods at home and abroad, breaking the traditional subjects and categories, learning related concepts and connect the dots.

Make Learning Easy